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 Kilana Lorea Ulnen (Original Character)

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PostSubject: Kilana Lorea Ulnen (Original Character)   Kilana Lorea Ulnen (Original Character) Icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:49 pm

Name: Kilana Lorea Ulnen

Age: 269 is her actual age. She appears around the age of 20-21.

Species: Homo Wampyrus Sauria. Kilana is a rare type of vampire. They are known as a "lizard vampire" for there teeth. All of there teeth are pointed, mimicking a lizard. Other then that, she is quite human in appearance.

Appearance: Kilana has short layered dark red hair with a bit of brown mixed in. She has a mixture of asain genes, so her eyes are a bit slanted, but not to noticable. She stands around 5'3'' and weighs around 125 lbs. Her eyes are a medium brown with a rare bit of blue flecks. Her face is a thin with full natural light pink lips. She usually wears a leather jacket with a dark colored tank top and tight jeans.

Kilana is quiet, but likes noise. She feels as though she would go insane without noise, usually falling asleep with some sort of noise. There was never silence in Kilana's house. She is the one who is usually in the back of the group laughing while others tell the jokes. She can act a bit different when she is drunk however, she will become extremly hyper.
She has never really been considered "overly nice" or "sweet". But can be at rare times, very rare times. She had never really been noticable. She can blend into a crowd very well, having many years of expeirence. Even though she never really liked being a loner, she ahd to become one when she turned into a vampire.

Kilana was born two centuries ago to a very poor farming family. After a horrible drowt, the family could not afford to take care of there first born daughter and sent her to a near by orphanage. The mistress there was a cruel woman and ignored the children, If it weren't for a young girl by the name of “Ellanor” then Kilana would of most likely starved to death. When Kilana turned 5 years of age, she had started to steal from merchants and hadn't got caught. By the age of 10 she was caught lifting some bread from a local bakery and would have had her hand chopped off if it weren't for her ability to sneak off undetected.

She then grew up in the woods from the ages of 10 to 16, that is where she met a young hermit by the name of Henly. Who she fell in love with, he was in hiding from the law and they both stayed together for three years until Henly became sick with a terrible illness and passed away.

A year later she was found by a man she still doesn't know the name to this day. He had knocked on her door, she had been weary but opened it. Witch was her biggest mistake. He attacked her, he bit into her neck with horrible razor teeth, but wasn't abvle to finish the job when he heard a gunshot and ran off with a woman bleeding from her neck on the floor. Kilana went through horrible change until she ended up becoming a “lizard” vampire.

Skills and Abilities: Kilana is very good at hunting. Whether it's seducing to sneak, that is one of her strengths. She can run quite fast, but is not considered the "fastest" of runners.

Weaknesses: Kilana has a great fear of water, for no perticular reason. Whether it's the ocean or a kiddie pool, she can't stand water. She also has a fear of whales, not really knwoing why. She had always been scared due to there size.

World: She lived in Lokin. Basically our world, filled with mythical creatures. the godess there is a multi-shifter called Felina.

Group: Kilana is a vampire.

Other: Kilana has a pet cat named Vladimire.

Kilana let out a long, tired breath. The sun was now high in the sky, and she had not slept a wink. She stared up at her ceiling, looking at the indent's of the different desighns that weren't even meant to be there. Her short hair tickled her nack as she sat up, the sun peeked through slightly, making the room lighter then what she wanted. The sun, unlike other vampires, did not bother her. She just fell into the habit of sleeping during the day.

Kilana grabbed her robe, wrapping the fluffy black material over her undergarments and made her way to her kitchen. Passing Vladimire who was napping on the old couch in the living room. His black tail curled lightly over his wet pink nose. His amber eyes opened slight as he saw Kilana passed, but he just ignored her and conitnued to nap off the day as he usually did with Kilana.
Kilana grabbed the coffee cup she had set in the fridged earlier and grabbed it, shutting the fridge with a "wam". "You aren't very happy in Lokin, are you?" Startled, Kilana through the coffee cup up in surprise at the feminine voice came behind her. The cup crashed to the floor with a loud crack and black coffee scattered across the floor with bits of broken glass. "Damnit!" Kilana yelled, turning around she barred her sharp pointed teeth at the intruder to find Felina sitting on one of the old kitchen chairs. Arm resting on the table as if she owned it, foot lazily crossed over the other, her eyes a light pink with long white hair styled in curls.

"Aren't you jumpy?" She asked calmly. Eyes slightly narrowing. "I only have a few questions." She continued. Kilana immediatly let her muscles relax and nerves calm. She still had a bit of adrenaline in her, so she couldn't just stand there. She got on all floors, grabbing a towel, she started to pick up the glass and clean up the spilled coffee. "Yes?" Kilana asked the godess. "A new god has created a realm, and would like some creations to enhabit the realm." Filana remarked, glancing at Vladimire for a moment. "I thought of you considering you never truly enjoyed yourself in the realms. I thought that you would like to join his." Felina smiled, turning back to Kilana who was know standing.

"I have enjoyed it here, just not as much as I wanted." Kilana muttered, moving to her couch to sit beside Vladimire who looked a bit shaken. Kilana picked up the soft tom cat and placed him in her lap. "Still, I am asking. Would you like to join the realm Chaotica?" Kilana pondered this question for a good ten minutes. "Can I bring Vladimire?" She whispered, clutching the cat stubbornly. "Yes, you can bring the cat." Felina said reluctantly, like she wasn't so sure. "Then I'll join the universe of Chaos." Kilana finally said. "Get changed." Was all Felina said.

After getting changed and packing a few blood packets, Felina made a devious grin witch unnerved Kilana. "Have fun." Was what she said, or what Kilana thought she said. Because in a few moments, Kilana was lying face first in brick. She opened her eyes wide to see Vladimire's face directly infront of hers. His ears pricked and alert. She looked around a minute ans was stunend by the city's beauty. If this land was chaos, than what would be the land of insane?

--Role-Player Information--

Nickname: Sullenkiller

Age Range: 18-24

Contact Information:You can contact me by my email, I am still trying to make a skype soon.

Role-play Experience: I have been role-playing for about half a year now. I think I have advanced considerably since then.

How Did You Find Us?: My friend introduced me to this site. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Kilana Lorea Ulnen (Original Character)   Kilana Lorea Ulnen (Original Character) Icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 8:37 pm


Be sure to fill out your character profile sheet before starting. Enjoy!

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Kilana Lorea Ulnen (Original Character)
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