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 Monique Clémence (Original Character)

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Monique Clémence

Monique Clémence

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PostSubject: Monique Clémence (Original Character)   Monique Clémence (Original Character) Icon_minitimeTue May 01, 2012 9:28 am

Name: Monique Thea Clémence
Age: 19
Species: This girl is what the kind people these days call it an accident. Monique is the daughter of Morganne Clémence, a human and Helios, the Greek god of the sun. If you have made your calculation right, you should’ve figured it out already: Monique is a demi-god.
Appearance: Monique has always been described as a little ray of sunshine. Although she is already nineteen years old, the girl still has freckles on her bronze skin. Her eyes are emerald green. She’s got long, blonde hair that she stubbornly prefers to wear down. She is a bit chubby, but it’s not like you would call her fat. Monique is rather little for her age. In her way of dressing, Monique mostly prefers her brother’s old plaid shirts with her favorite pair of jeans. She rarely wears dresses or skirts, so you better feel honored when she does.
Personality: Most people wouldn’t be a single bit surprised if they find out Monique is the daughter of the Greek god of the Sun. She is optimistic, caring and the kind of friend you never wish to lose. Most people would describe her as one in a million, because her intentions always seem to be truly noble. Monique has never given up on something or anyone. Most people envied her courage and kindness, but never had the nerves to show her that – the girl was just too nice to do so.
That all changed when one of her brothers got hit by the terrible curse most people call cancer. The girl’s optimistic view on live changed into a pessimistic one, the girl seemed to lose herself in her own, little world and suddenly started giving up on things. Her careless life changed into something she never had to deal with before. The girl got lost into her own feelings, desperately trying to understand how this could ever possibly happy. She grew bitter and sad, just a small shade of who she used to be. She tries to keep a straight face, for her bother’s sake, but if you look close enough, you’ll see it’s just an empty smile.
Background: Monique’s mother, Morganne, already didn’t have a very good name before her daughter was born. The woman had three children with three different men, most of them brought to earth after a drunk night out. Morganne had to carry the name of the city’s whore around her since the birth of her first son, Rémy. Soon the other two boys followed, respectively named Gregorie and Achille. It was a drunken night like no other when Morganne had met a strange man, who called himself Helios. They shared beds together for one night, just like every other time Morganne got pregnant, after which Helios left her without informing her who he really was. Some woman just never learn.
When Morganne found out she was finally having a baby girl, she decided to move out of town. With the little money she had saved, she moved to the south of France, to the little house her parents once owned. Monique grew up there together with her brothers. She has always been mother’s favorite, something her bothers had always secretly envied. All by all, Monique had a happy and careless childhood, with lots of friends to play with and even a tree house in the backyard, who her brothers had built. The future literally seemed to shine so bright for Monique. She had successfully finished high school and was about to start attending police school.
But then they got the news. Rémy, who was a chain smoker, had gotten himself lung cancer at the age of twenty-seven. Achille, who was twenty-one at the moment, had to stop following classes and Monique never went to police school. Together with the rest of their family, Monique and Achille had to get a job so they would be able to pay for the hospital bills and every other thing that they needed. This seemed to work until it was clear Morganne had made her old nickname true again, only this time she was getting paid for it. This just went from bad to worse when Gregorie had picked up his old habit as a drug dealer again. Monique had never known about this, so it was a real smack in the face when she found out. When she was sixteen years old, Gregorie had been caught dealing drugs by his mother, who had demanded him to stop. In order to bring more money to the family, Gregorie had broken his mother’s promise.
After this, the Clémence family completely fell apart. Achille, who didn’t want his baby sister to live with a whore and a drug dealer, took her away with him towards the nearest city. He made sure nor her mother nor Gregorie would be able to contact her again. The only family member they still regularly saw, was Rémy on their weekly trips to the hospital. Achille completely gave up his education as a teacher so Monique would be able to make her dream come true. Monique forgot about police school and decided to study psychology. Even through it wasn’t perfect at all, Monique knew that was the best she could possibly get at that moment. She understood that Achille kept her away from her mother and Gregorie for a reason. Rémy had passed away in all peace, or whatever that might have been during that family crises, a month before Monique’s nineteenth birthday, on the 21st of June.
Monique has never known about her father and chances are she never will. Although Helios had made sure his little girl was protects from all the harm he could protect her for, he sees no point in revealing his true identity.
Skills and Abilities: Monique has the remarkable ability to make other people smile. Most people had always liked to be around her because of this, because the girl sometimes literally seems to brighten up your day. This could be seen as a side-effect of being the daughter of Helios.
Next to all this, Monique has the talent to ‘read’ people. She can tell whenever you put on a mask or not, but she won’t always mention it – she knows how delicate things like that can be.
Besides all this, Monique has always been a master in disguises. She was always the drama teacher’s favorite costume designer.
Weaknesses: The fact that life can be so fragile still seems to get her down every day. She’s very emotionally unstable at the moment, although she would never admit that. She tries to keep her head held up high, but it seems like the girl is not far from breaking down.
At the age of six, Monique has lost her right pink, which forced her to learn how to use her left hand. Monique was originally right-handed. She still experiences of not having a pink every day, but you don’t hear her complaining.
If there is one thing Monique completely despises in the world, it is change. Her mother never bother to get this checked, but Monique has some serious problems when things change. Her emotions become her master, which makes her to stupid things, such as mutilating herself and yelling at people for no reason.
Group: Demi-god

“Achille, I’m going home.” Monique bent over the counter, where her older brother had been serving costumers all night long.
The young man looked his younger sister into her green eyes and nodded. “Be careful,” he simply said before he went back to work.
Monique sighed and turned her back towards him. She slowly made her way through the crowd.
It had been quite busy in the bar that night. Achille and his colleagues had been working on a karaoke night for weeks and all that hard work hadn’t missed its effect.
It was exceptionally cold that night. A cold breeze gently blew on Monique’s skin when she finally got outside the bar. The girl pulled her sleeveless jacket closer to her body and looked around the street. The noise from the bar was muted. Besides a few cats fighting, there wasn’t any noise on the street. Monique turned to her left and started heading her way home. The sound of her steps echoed through the streets.
Monique was just around the corner when someone else’s footsteps joined in on hers. The girl looked behind her, only to notice there was nothing there. Monique sighed and continued her way home. But as soon as she started walking again, the other footsteps were back. Monique looked from her left to right, but there was absolutely nothing.
A small squeak came from her throat when somebody suddenly stood right in front of her. Monique backed off a few steps and looked at the figure.
It was a tall, muscled man, with blonde hair just like hers and the same emerald green eyes. But that wasn’t the strangest thing about the man. He seemed like he got into a rather bad fight. His clothes were ripped and a thin line of blood stared at the right corner of his mouth. His left hand was pressed against his waist, where his dirty clothes where drained in blood.
Mon Dieu!” Monique spoke completely shocked.
“Come with me,” the man panted. His voice was low and sounded more like a small growl due the pain. He took her arm with a lot of force and pulled her with him. “We don’t have much time. The Minotaur is close. There is only one place you’ll be safe.”
“What?” Monique quickly looked behind her, only to notice a bull-like figure at the end of the street. “What is that?!”
“The thing I am protecting you from.” The man pulled her into an alley. He carefully took her face with both his hand and looked at her, as if he was trying to memorize her face. “You’ve grown,” he said. He softly pressed a kiss against her forehead and as soon as he pulled back his head, Monique felt how the cold night suddenly had disappeared.
The girl slowly opened her eyes. Not only the cold night had disappeared, so had the alley. Monique found herself on a great beach, in the middle of nowhere. The sun gently touched her skin and the sea was as blue as the sky.
Welcome, new one,” a voice started to speak. “I am Chaos and this is my world, Chaotica. Enjoy your stay!

--Role-Player Information--
Nickname: Meh, call me Naomi. It’s easier for everyone.
Age Range: 12-17
Contact Information:
tumblrs: dontgetyourassburnt, michelleprigs and cupidslittlesoldier
gmail: (don't ask)
Still working on getting a Skype. I’m at the stage I still have to ask my stepdad.
Role-play Experience: Well, I’ve been in a roleplay on a forum like this when I was about thirteen years old, but that forum died rather fast. I’ve been roleplaying on tumblr since the beginning of April this year.
How Did You Find Us?: Good ol’ Loki had a link on his tumblr. I got curious and clicked it.
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PostSubject: Re: Monique Clémence (Original Character)   Monique Clémence (Original Character) Icon_minitimeTue May 01, 2012 2:12 pm


Please make sure to fill our your character profile sheet and you are set. Welcome to Chaotica!

I am Daybreak, chief of police, and when you hear my cyan voice, you better have been good.
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Monique Clémence (Original Character)
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