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 Len (Original Character)

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PostSubject: Len (Original Character)    Len (Original Character)  Icon_minitimeMon Apr 30, 2012 7:09 pm

Her vampire age is close to 151(about the same year the American Civil War started), but her human age is 16.
She is a created vampire. Meaning she was created by a vampire, not born from one.
Len is about five foot one. Her eyes are dark blue, almost violet, with shoulder length wheat blonde hair parts to the right. When she hunts though, her eyes are bright crimson, but only when she hunts. If someone is bleeding, and she has fed recently, Len is not likely to attack them. She normally wears a flowing white dress that has short sleeves, and a v neck. Len doesn't like hunting that dress though. When she goes hunting she wears a black dress just like her white one, except it has has longer sleeves and small cloak with a hood to go with it. She wears dark leather boots that tie up to her knees. Her skin as a human was naturally pale, and living a freezing tundra wasn't much help with the complexion either. When Len became a vampire her skin became even more paler to the point that it was on the borderline between a nasty sickly pale, and a drop dead gorgeous pale.
Len is/can be very quite and she sighs a lot. When she's at home she would more than likely read a book, or sleep. When she is out in public though, she tries to smile and keep a pleasant feel around her but when she's angry, Len hides out in her house so if she happens to throw a tantrum she wouldn't rip anyone's head, or other limps. Len, unlike most vampires that she was raised around, she does like to act as much as human as she can.
Len, back when she was a human, was living close to the shared border of Russia and Finland. Her mother was Finnish, her father Russian. When she was about five, her mother died to a cold and her father took her away from her half-siblings(they were born before her and went to live with their original father) . Her father took her back to his other, much more larger home in Moscow, Russia. He gave her the good life right up to her sweet sixteen when one of her three aunts gave her a plane ticket to Germany. The aunt that gave her the plane ticket greatly disliked her though, so instead of getting the five-star plane the aunt claimed it to be, it turned out to be barge plane that did not take her to Germany, but to Romania where she was left to wonder around. After what seemed like entirety, a seemingly like a nice man took her back to his mansion and after a night of so called 'romancing' the man looked at Len and before she could gasp or scream, bit her throat.
When Len woke up next it, the man explained to her what happened and then took her to meet her new 'brothers and sisters'. Upon meeting her new family she was informed that she would be living there and that her birth given family should cease to rest in her mind. Sadly, she listened to them and stopped thinking about her father. Two years of watching the world go by. Len and some of her brothers decided to go see what the American nation was like and if their father could make a empire there. When they arrived they found that the place was erupted in a Civil War. Her brothers, being her brothers, fought in the Civil War but did many things that ended up causing more than half of the causalities in the war. After the war ended, Len and her two living brothers went west to find the more forested areas. They finally settled in Washington and started their own empire.
Skills and Abilities:
Len has the strength to lift basically anything, basically. Anything that weighs under 5,000 tons she can lift. She also can run faster than the average human. Her skin does not sparkle, though it does look like it because of her paleness that shine in the light and her brothers poke fun of her because of it. Like all vampires Len has fangs, but unlike most vampires, her's can look like a humans, but when she starts hunting they will extend to the sharp pointed fangs they really are. She can't run non-stop though, she has to take a break every once in a while. Unlike her brothers, she does not have the excellent eye sight they posses but she does have better sight than the average being. She can sing, but she doesn't sing often, and especially not in front of her brothers, or anyone else.
Len's weakness is being called 'crazy'. One of her older sister called Len 'crazy' once and before you could spell 'Romania' the girl was on fire and screaming in agony. Len basically goes berserk everytime someone calls her crazy and she always attempts to kill them. But she has a hard time focusing on everything else that goes on around her. Someone could lunge at her and she wouldn't know until she's hit.
Also, Len cannot step onto Holy ground, meaning a Church, nor can she handle the touch of a cross to her skin for it would burn her skin. Holy water does not bother her though. Fire can bring her pain to and can also kill her if she is burning long enough.
A small city in Romania that was mostly controlled by her father. The city was his domain, his empire, and they could feed off any of the citizens that lived there as long as they let them live another day. Though, she has a new empire in the Washington state, of America, which she still considers the New World.
Len watched her brother's wrestle in the main room of their mansion. She sighed then looked at the fireplace giving a light shudder. Watching the flames it took her a moment before something strange happened. The flame of the fire turned from it's arrays of orange and red, to green and blue. Len stared at the flame in awe before glancing at her three brothers that were too busy playing around. She looked back at the fire to see that the flames transformed into a image of greenery and water. "Go and expand your kingdom." A thick heavy accented Russian voice whispered into Len's ear. The vampire shuddered and looked around for the source of the voice. No one was near her. She looked back at the flame before standing up and starting towards it. Right when she was about to touch the flame, two of the brothers came barreling toward her, growling and hissing at each other and crashed into her. Len growled and snapped at them. "Back off!!" She bared her teeth at them. She watched as they scurried off laughing and tackling each other. When she looked back at the fire she saw that it was back to its fiery orange glow.
Shaking her head, Len started up for her room, deciding that she was just imagining it. When she reached her room she shivered. Wait, shivered? Since when did a vampire, who was dead, shiver? Len looked around trying to figure out what was going on. A faintly glowing figure wearing old Russian military uniform stepped out and stared at her. "Go to the New World, go expand your empire," He said then swept his hand to the fireplace that was in her room. The green blue flame burst into the empty fireplace, then revealed to her the image of the landscape she saw downstairs. Len looked at the figure and he nodded. When she started for the image, she looked back and saw that the figure was gone but his voice whispered into her ear. "Go." He ordered and she did. She stepped into the image and went into the new world to begin her new empire.
--Role-Player Information--
Nickname: Roanoke
Age Range: 12-17
Contact Information: My email=
Role-play Experience: Well, I normally role-play with my younger friend, but mostly I role-play on a site called PokeFarm(not a very good site of semi-lit to lit, site.
How Did You Find Us?: My best friend was talking about it since like..... it was created and was like “Can I steal you away to another Role-Play site?” and I was like, “Um, not now, but later sure.” Then like yeah.... A weekend later and I'm here.
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PostSubject: Re: Len (Original Character)    Len (Original Character)  Icon_minitimeTue May 01, 2012 9:44 am


Just make sure to go and fill our your character sheet and you are all set to go.

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Len (Original Character)
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