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 Basic Posting Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Posting Rules   Basic Posting Rules Icon_minitimeThu Apr 12, 2012 5:06 pm

  • There is no limit to how many threads you can participate in at a time as long as you can be trusted to post consistently. If not, avoid participating too much until you know you can juggle your posts!

  • Each post must be at least 150 words in length. The first post in a thread should contain a minimum of at least 200 words to properly set the scene. Stop groaning. One-sentence posts are spammy and cause unnecessary clutter. It's also far more interesting to read a post that contains more than, say, something like this:

    Quote :
    "...If no one lived to tell about them, how do they know it's things, and not, perhaps, someone?" she asked.

    This is not a post. Reading a character's thought process or a little about the environment around them is not a daunting task. Don't be afraid to dip your toes into some description every now and then. Reaching 150-200 words is not that hard to accomplish. We're not asking for purple prose, but something more than just one line, or simple dialog, or just three words.

  • All posts should be written in the third person perspective and in the past tense. Having a character's thoughts in the first person is perfectly fine, but following the standard third person perspective to make threads more easily read is strongly encouraged.

  • We encourage a conscious effort in using proper grammar and spelling—writing in chatspeak is not allowed (e.g., 'r u sk8ting?'). We go a little easier on those whose native language isn't English, but they are advised to still make a conscious effort to be comprehensible.

  • No using smilies in serious posts. Smilies are only to be used in the chatbox.

    Quote :
    "Shocked What are you doing."

    None of this. Seriously.

  • Avoid double-posting whenever possible. The edit button is your friend and there for a reason.

  • If you wish to roleplay with someone privately without having other players intrude and interrupt you, you can tag the thread with the people you'd like to participate with you in brackets.

    Quote :
    As Good A Time As Any (Tag: Chaos)

    A word of advice, however. Don't tag every thread you make. How will you get to meet and interact with new characters if you only roleplay with the same people over and over again? Keep some threads untagged for some variety!

  • Aggressive or slanderous messages, as well as flaming, personal insults, and being intentionally rude and vulgar are prohibited, as are posts that promote or evoke illegal practices. Doing all this in character is fine, but only up to a certain point. Remember, the player and the character are not the same person. It is up to your discretion and logic to know where to draw the line. Failure to do so will risk you getting a temporary ban.

  • Mature-rated threads are only allowed in the mature section of the site, which is invisible to normal members due to there being underage members on the site. If you wish to have access to that area, contact one of the admins to request it. In cases where a thread leads to mature themes without knowing it would develop into such a situation beforehand, you can contact one of the admins and they can move it for you to the mature section. Failure to do so will risk you getting a temporary ban.
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Basic Posting Rules
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