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 Getting Started

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PostSubject: Getting Started   Getting Started Icon_minitimeThu Apr 12, 2012 4:58 pm

Getting Started

When registering, make sure you sign up with the character's name or codename and not your usual screen name or a random username. Each account is dedicated to one (or two) characters and not to you as a player, after all. But just in case you do by mistake, you can easily change your username in your profile.

Once you register, you will receive an activation key that is sent through your email. After clicking that, you will be able to log in regularly and fill out your character's details.

You won't be able to roleplay or enter the chatbox in character until you have written a presentation for your character and it has been accepted. You will need to follow the template here in order to do so.

Any new accounts that have seen no activity will be deleted within a month's time, so be sure to be active or to let us know beforehand that you'll be busy so we don't delete or inactivate your account by mistake.

Choose Your Character
This is a massive role-play site and we will accept any movie/comic/game/tv type characters or canon. You can choose to play either incarnation or a mesh of them, but we do not accept alternate versions of the same characters. Once a character has been claimed and is active, you cannot play the same character even if you want to play them from a different continuity. It would be too confusing.

We will also accept original characters and fan characters.

  • Creating Your Character
    Now that you have a character no one else has and your account has been activated, the time has come to tell us who they are and join in on the fun! This includes filling out their character sheet and creating a presentation. Remember, until you make your character sheet and presentation, you won't be able to enter the chatbox or post. Here's how to do it:

  • Character Presentation
    On most roleplaying sites, you need to fill out an application form before you can roleplay. We follow a similar structure, but we call them character presentations instead of applications because the writing presentation is actually more than just an example; you need to write how your character ended up here. Think of it as an introduction and a way to show us your character in their natural environment.

    Your character is minding their own business, then, WHAM, they are transported to the land of Chaos. Explain what they were doing before and what they are going to do after.

  • Profile
    Go to your Profile by clicking the corresponding button at the top of the page. It is highly recommended that you link your character's presentation in the Comments, as well as the fighting applications threads. (It accepts BBCode like the rest of the forum.)

    Your icon can be a maximum of 150x200 pixels. Signatures, though rarely used for reasons other than using them as handy ways to remember the color code your character uses to speak with, can contain images that are a maximum of 400x100 pixels.

  • Character Sheet

    The Character Sheet is an important roleplaying feature. As a new character, you will have to generate your character sheet, then fill it out. It sounds daunting, but it's really a very simple task. It's like filling out the application form for your presentation, only more organized. The left-hand section deals with facts about your character whereas the right-hand section deals with battle-oriented details that can only be edited by admins.

    Before you start panicking, let's start with the basic boxes on the left-hand side. In Image Management you can link a full body image of your character. You are strongly encouraged to do so because a lot of people look at a member's character sheet and having an image helps them form a proper reaction to your character. Below that are more boxes to fill. It's almost like filling out your profile again. Add in your character's name, age, height/weight and moral alignment.

    You will also notice things like level, health, stamina and armor/shields. You don't need to worry about these fields at the moment; they'll be explained later on.

    In Biography, provide us with your character's background/history and personality. Don't skimp on the details! Being descriptive is very useful for someone to get to know your character. Most of this information will have already been encountered in your presentation application, so it should be fairly easy to fill out. Likewise, in Strengths and Weaknesses, we require you put down at least three options in bullet point in each section. You can describe them too, if you think it's necessary, but bullet point is perfectly acceptable. (Remember, your character's strengths and weaknesses need to be balanced out!) Your Basic Inventory should include the items your character still had on their person when they arrivedl, or things they have acquired or picked up since coming here. They provide no extra benefit in battles and are simply used for storage and/or cosmetic effect.

    Now, things start getting a little complicated when you look at the right-hand side of your character sheet. For now, all you really need to know is that if your character plans to fight and gain levels, your character needs to have powers. Though we know that some characters, like ordinary humans, don't necessarily have powers in the first place. Hence, to make a long story short, powers are just fancy effects or abilities your character has to gain an edge in battle and aren't necessarily powers in the sense of the actual word.

    ((The Battle System is still under construction and is completely optional.))

Getting Accepted
So you've filled out your character sheet and posted your presentation... now what? You can either wait a day or two for an admin or mod to check out your presentation or PM one of the admins to let them know you've finished and are waiting for approval. If we approve you from the get-go, you've obviously done something right! Don't worry, it's very rare we flat-out deny characters. More often than not, if we notice something to be amiss, we'll say a character is pending until you spruce up their presentation and character sheet. Once you've done that, reply to the presentation again to let us know you've done the required changes, or message us again. We'll give it another look and accept you if we find everything to be in order.

So... once you're accepted, what happens next? The answer is simple. You're finally given access to the chatbox and you're able to start roleplaying for real, that's what!

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Getting Started
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