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 Daybreak [Transformers-OC]

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PostSubject: Daybreak [Transformers-OC]   Daybreak [Transformers-OC] Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 11:48 pm


Name: Daybreak

Age: approximately 14,000 Earth years


Species: Cybertronian

Appearance: Standing at around 50 feet in height, Daybreak is clad in white, black, and blue armor plating from head to foot. His "skin" is a light silvery color, giving him a very monochromatic look. His optics are an cyan color, but the color will vary towards an even lighter blue tone (worried, sick, etc.) to a deep blue (angry, excited, etc.). His alt-mode, a sleek but very roomy cyber-jet, lends him a rather bulky frame. Daybreak uses the room as transport to move the sick or injured out of immediate danger, or sometimes he is used just as transport.

Personality: Daybreak is a quiet and calculating sort, calm and often shrewd. He tends to radiate an aura of calm when working around the injured, but can turn shrewd if one is to be found often in his med-bay. When upon unknown terrain, Daybreak will become distracted, wanting to find out more about his new environment. Unlike his compatriots, he does not see human kind as mere insects, but more like some interesting new specimen to examine. He holds great respect for his leader and his rival, Ratchet. Daybreak is more often found patching up Decepticons than shooting at them.

Background: Born in the rugged pathways of Kaon, Daybreak was plucked from the graying hands of his creator by the kind and gentle Starlight. Starlight cared for the little sparkling, training and teaching him in all trades, readying him for the future. Little Daybreak grew quickly, looming over his caregiver even before he outgrew his sparkling shell. He took a flier adult form, although his bulk was better suited for a grounder form. He took to the skies easily and readily, taking lessons from the agile Starlight.
Wanting to gain a name for himself amongst the bots in Kaon, Daybreak joined in the gladitorial battles in the Arenas of Kaon and soon became a fan favorite. The fights would grow brutal, and Starlight would fear the energon-thirsty processors of the watchers, but Daybreak would never bring himself to terminate an opponent. Rather than facing the threat of having to terminate a fellow, he turned himself to another field: he began training as a medic. He graduated alongside Ratchet, who would later become the famed Autobot medic.
When Megatron began his campaign against the Autobots for control of Cybertron, Daybreak expressed his desire to join the Autobots to stop the tyrant. Starlight voiced her concern, making Daybreak look at all the angles of his decision. But he persisted, pledging himself to the Autobot cause and their leader.

But as the war dragged on, Daybreak began to wonder if he had made the right choice...

Skills and Abilities: Despite his great size, Daybreak is actually quite gentle. This is part of the reason he drove himself to become a medic. If it is broken, he will attempt to fix it. Even upgrade it, if left in his hands long enough.
In the air, he is a pretty decent flier. The bulk of his armor limits him somewhat, but he is less likely to get shot at in the air.

Weaknesses: His bulk, although handy for the extra protection it provides, is actually a hindrance, on the ground. The weight, after a long and drawn-out battle, will wear on his systems.

Group: Cybertronian


The stars were already beginning to twinkle in the sky and the moon shone a brilliant light upon the planet before Daybreak finished all of the repairs. The Autobot medic tossed the wrench back into his med-pack and reached for an oil rag.

"All done, 'Sunny" he said to the yellow racer, wiping his digits clean, "And the next time you decide it would be funny to play a prank on Ironhide, don't. This is the fifth time in three solar cycles that I've had to patch you up."

The prankster, one of two, waved the advice off, slipping off the berth and trudging off to his quarters. Daybreak shook his head before turning to clean up the mess.

'If I see him in here again, it would be too soon,' he sighed, wiping his tools off.

Ten kliks later, his med-bay gleaming once more, Daybreak was up in the sky, wheeling and whirling. This was relaxing, away from the confines of the Autobot base, away from his med-bay. The medic twirled through the night air, tracing the constellations with his digits, and he began to think.

Thinking always seemed to be a dangerous subject. More and more often Daybreak began questioning his decision to join in the war. Why join in a war that, in his processor, seemed rather pointless. He would rather fly through the stars, exploring all those worlds.

He lifted his hand once more and traced another constellation. He frowned, re-tracing the constellation. No, he wasn't imagining it, there was an extra star. Another planet where, yesterday, there wasn't one.

Yes, curious one. That is my world. A world of new beginnings...for those who wish for one.

Daybreak nearly fell from the sky. He quickly recovered and cast his optics around, trying to discern where the voice had come from.

I am Chaos, little one, and I can offer you a new home. A new world to discover. A new life to begin.

The medic pondered what the voice was offering, this Chaos. A new life. Well, he would miss some things from this world, but the war could go to the Pit for all he cared.

"I accept your offer, Chaos," Daybreak decided and felt a tug around his Spark chamber. Suddenly, he felt nauseous, his fuel tank roiling, threatening to purge itself. When the medic thought he could take no more, all went black.

Daybreak awoke upon a grassy hill, organic life spread out around him to all sides. Sitting up, he took in his surroundings. Below he could see a city, so quiet and seeming deserted.

Welcome to Chaotica, Daybreak. The Voice of Chaos purred. I do hope you enjoy your stay


Nickname: Liz

Age Range: 18-24

Contact Information: (Tumblr: unexplainedmischief) (Skype: ashlyn.noel.newton)

Roleplay Experience: Been roleplaying for a few years now.

How Did You Find Us?: Very carefully

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PostSubject: Re: Daybreak [Transformers-OC]   Daybreak [Transformers-OC] Icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 11:38 pm


Just go and fill out your character sheet and you are all set.
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Daybreak [Transformers-OC]
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