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 The Lore of Chaotica

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PostSubject: The Lore of Chaotica   The Lore of Chaotica Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 11:06 pm

The great Chaos god looked upon the worlds of the other gods and, to be quite honest, began to feel sick and tired of devouring. He wanted to create something, to dirty his godly hands in the art of creation. So the unmaker rolled up his metaphorical sleeves and got to work. He drew materials from the universe and compressed them in his hands like clay.

Time passed before Chaos revealed the tiny ball of dirt. And all that brown was quite unsightly, Chaos wanted the brilliant blues and greens often found on his fellow gods' worlds. He pulled more elements, combining them into the objects of his desire. Sapphire blue water filled the dips where his fingers had pressed a little too hard . Emerald greens flowed across the leftover browns, the plants waving their leaves in greeting to their creator.

For a time, Chaos was content with his world of water and flora. He tended the world like a gardener his greenhouse. The other colors of the spectrum bloomed upon the plants, the seasons bringing about new wonders to the god.

But, as is the way of great deities, Chaos soon grew bored with the simplicity of his little world. Taking a leaf from his fellow gods' books, he started simple. He once more drew the needed elements from the universe, compressing them in his hands and, with his mind, imagined what he wanted. Satisfied, he opened his hands and, ever so gently, dropped his creation into the vast waters of the planet. The fish, in no way was it small, swam merrily in what it considered belonged to it. The unmaker-turned-maker created more fish, and other marine life, and populated the waters of the world.

He drew his eyes to the land, noting its jealous looks towards the ocean and its merry occupants. Chaos created creatures for the land, beautiful creatures to eat the fruits of the earth, rather than letting them rot. He created predators, sleek and dangerous creatures, to eat away the plant eaters lest they over populate the land and eat all of his beautiful plants. Chaos enjoyed watching his creations, nudging evolution here and there, but otherwise he left them alone.

But, once more, he grew bored with the simplicity of his creation. He wanted something more...advanced. Rolling his metaphorical sleeves once more, he drew the elements from the universe, imagined in his vast mind what he wanted to create, and compressed the elements. Putting a smile of satisfaction upon his visage, he opened his hands. His smile slipped into a grimace. The misshapen creature shambling across his palms was not in any way what he had imagined. But instead of scattering the atoms of the creature in his hands, Chaos gently placed it down onto the planet.

The Chaotic god attempted to create a humanoid creature. A creature in which to share his thoughts and to which he can voice his concerns. And each attempt once more ended in failure. The world, his first creation, held various images of the shambling monstrosity of his first attempt, but Chaos could not bring himself to destroy them. Chaos thought of a name for those creatures, the Crotes.

Chaos turned to his fellow gods, pleading with them to allow him to populate his world with any extras from theirs. The other gods contemplated his request in the normal godly way: delicately and in a most untimely manner.

Finally, the other gods agreed but upon one condition: their creations must display a desire to leave their current world for a new start on another. Chaos, overjoyed, agreed. He set up lodges for his future tenants, pouring his imagination upon providing for his guests.

And, now nearing completion, Chaos awaits those who wish for a new start. A new start on Chaotica.

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The Lore of Chaotica
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