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 Suzette R. Kirk

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PostSubject: Suzette R. Kirk   Suzette R. Kirk Icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 6:32 pm

Name: Suzette R. Kirk
Age: 21
Species: Human
Appearance: Suzette has mid waist naturally gray hair that she keeps down and well kept. She has long light eyelashes and dove gray eyes. Her skin, as odd as it might be, is not the normal peach as a human's would be, but gray. Well, it's a gray tint. It's a odd off balance of gray and peach, more leaning to the gray. Suzette doesn't wear make-up and normally wears plain clothing that does not have any graphics on it. The only thing that she wears that shows she has slight fondness for color is the pink clip that keeps her bangs from her face.
Personality: Suzette is very bland, she doesn't do much but it also doesn't take very much to convince her to do something. She knows what's right and wrong, but she doesn't care. The girl can be very sad and often disappears to hide from the world so she can wait out any random depression assault falls upon her.
Background: While Suzette was in her mother's womb something very very odd happened. No one knows what and theories formed, but none seemed to be proven true, nor false. Suzette ended up with this strange disease that turned her body, hair, and eye color gray. The doctors ran test on her and finally concluded that she had a day to live. It turns out though, that Suzette lived and they gave her a month. Her mother took her babe back to her home and kept the baby clean. About three weeks into the month, the mother went back to the hospital. Suzette's skin had lightened in color. And not in the good way. Her skin was a deathly white, her skin cold to the touch. The doctors claimed she had died, but the mother refused and screamed and yelled for the nurses to clean the babe. They did. They cleaned the baby for a very long time. Three hours to be exact. And during those three hours, Suzette's skin and hair turned back to their gray color and her body temperature rose. Learning more about this the doctors took the baby back into research.
They finally concluded that Suzette could live, but she had to live in a clean environment, keep clean as possible, and avoid bleeding out.
Skills and Abilities: Suzette cannot do much and she really doesn't have any strong suits or abilities.
Weaknesses: If Suzette gets cut she will bleed a very slow death and there would nothing mortal could do about it. She also cannot fight worth a darn. She is also easily persuaded.
World: Earth
Other: That pink hair clip is very important to her, she won't go anywhere without it.
Group: Human

Suzette sat in the hospital bed, trying to keep her breathing slow. This was the fifth time she had to go to the hospital this past two days because her skin changed to a white color. She kept telling herself that it was getting closer to her time to join the unliving. But the gray girl didn't want to join them. She was unready. Suzette very weakly looked at the IV in her arm. She had been in the hospital for over an hour and a doctor has not come to see her yet.
Maybe it was time to let go. Yeah. Suzette lived up to her twenty-first birthday, that should be fulfillment enough, right? No. Suzette frowned and tried to sit up but she was too weak to even try. Small tear drops strolled down her cheeks, down to pool at her chin, then overflowed down her neck.
A warm presence filled the room and Suzette opened her eyes to see a glowing orange man. ”W-Who are you?” She whimpered. Her eyes were trying to shut on her and she was fighting just to look at the bright orange man. ”Come child. There is a better world for you, waiting for you.” He said in a soothing, yet booming voice.
Suzette let her eyes close, more tears rolling down her cheeks. ”It's too late for me...” She whispered. She felt a warm hand on her wrist, pulling out the IV painlessly. A small boost of energy entered her bones and she found that she could open her eyes again. The gray eyes looked at the man with the mask. ”Come child. No time to be wasting here in this dying world.” He said and waved her to the door. Suzette got up, thinking that for a dying woman it was pretty easy to move. Both the orange man and gray girl walked to the door and it opened up and not even thinking twice about it, Suzette stepped over the threshold and entered the unknown land with the orange man behind her.

--Role-Player Information--
Nickname: Kirk
Age Range: 12-21
Contact Information:
Role-play Experience: Role-Played for a while
How Did You Find Us?: google
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PostSubject: Re: Suzette R. Kirk   Suzette R. Kirk Icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 9:22 pm


Very compelling. Do make sure to fill out your Character Profile Sheet and you are all set. As well as getting yourself an avatar. Other than that, you are all ready to go. Have fun!

I am Chaos and I speak in bold orange
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Suzette R. Kirk
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