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 The Bloody Mansion

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PostSubject: The Bloody Mansion   The Bloody Mansion Icon_minitimeWed May 23, 2012 6:38 pm

The Bloody Mansion 2113873704_cc2a56c939
The Bloody Mansion Gothroom
The Bloody Mansion Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxEaL07zRTodWyyNS1G6XypzpQY9jH6w8on8YCDd5nToMmsVEU9A

With orange and apple trees in the front, side, and back yards. Flowers are graced everywhere, by the door and surrounding the trees.

Cedar and live oak wood take up most of the wood furnishings of the house. Along with red and black velvet chairs and couches.

The house has a total of 20+ rooms. Two of them are master bedrooms on the 6th floor which belong to Len and John. The master bedrooms hold a very large, very grand bathroom that could a be a room in itself. Both bedrooms have a walk in closet that hold many different styles of clothing that would fit the need of the wearer. Len though, probably would not change out of her white dress, but who knows. A somewhat large fireplace also graces the large room.

The other rooms are smaller guest rooms on the other 5 floors of the house. Each room has a bathroom and closet, along with a loveseat and a lovely fireplace.
The main room of the house is dark and gloomy but does have a homey feeling to it.

The Bloody Mansion Nxm5ps
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The Bloody Mansion
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