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 12 Canary Lane

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PostSubject: 12 Canary Lane   12 Canary Lane Icon_minitimeWed May 16, 2012 12:30 am

12 Canary Lane 3%20brick%20home%20a

A beautiful two-story, brick building set near the front of the Lane. A modest dwelling with a well-groomed yard and a well-kept garden. Somewhat un-lived in feel, as Daybreak spends most of his time in his office or out and about. The backyard boasts a good-sized aircraft hanger...just in case...and a garage. The upstairs houses a gameroom, a large suite for Dave, two bathrooms, a guest room, and a storage room. Downstairs has the kitchen, more bathrooms, a fitness room, an indoor pool, living room, and Daybreak's massive room...for in human or robot form.

All in all, a quaint little home. If he is home, his door is always open.

I am Daybreak, chief of police, and when you hear my cyan voice, you better have been good.
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12 Canary Lane
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