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 Murins Boidae [Homestuck- Fantroll]

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PostSubject: Murins Boidae [Homestuck- Fantroll]   Murins Boidae [Homestuck- Fantroll] Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 11:46 am

Murins Boidae
8 Solar Sweeps(around 18 Human years)
Troll, a longer living one being a blue blood. Planed to live for many, many solar sweeps and nocturnal. Does not believe a being is above them unless of a higher blood color.
Murins has sunken yellow eyes with gray irises that will roll over to cerulean as she ages. Her hair is a fluffy black and short out of pure personal preference. She is a tall girl standing at 5'8” and thin, lacking in muscles, with gray skin that is tinted blue. Light weight black short sleeved shirt and pants, a navy blue longer sleeved shirt under neath her black one. Her horns are around six itches long and curl backwards close to her head, will keep growing as she ages as well.
Murins is quite the snarky girl, being up tight and not kind in the least to people who cross her path. On the rare occasion she may develop a soft spot for a person but that would be labeled a very rare occurrence. She was one to up hold the blood caste on her home planet, Alternia, so she will look down upon people of lower blood colors(including red, yellow, brown, green, or teals). She is quick to anger and not one to take insults lightly, the luckiest a person could get after insulting her is being kicked in the shin. Especially from anybody deemed a lowblood in her eyes. They would seen no mercy on her part if she get's insulted.
Growing up in a rather secluded area with her lusus, a large snake she would most commonly refer to as “Snakemum,” social interaction wasn't a thing she was used to. She spent most of her time alone or occasionally spoke with a few distant friends. With the release of a game called “Sgrub” one of them invited her to play as a chance to get closer. A group of six trolls of varying bloods entered the game not knowing the point of it all. Murins was first and got dropped in the Land of Stone and Stealth. They all quickly figured out there was no way to exit the game, and continued to play it for days. First to find her quest bed, her assent to God Tier was quick.

Over time none of them had be able to complete their individual quests on the different planets. The typical imps were getting a bit more crafty at fighting and the denizens were getting antsy. The small group got reduced in size from fighting and attempting to kill the denizens. Failed attempts. Wasted lives. Murins was over looked several times by enemies as a Maid of Void. She ended up alone in the game, staying at her hive quietly letting her mind wander the ideas of what to do with her life. She was close to eight sweeps by now, she still had a whole life to live at this point!
Skills and Abilities:
Reaching her God Tier, a Maid of Void, she resistant from scrying and/or omniscient beings. Has the advantage of being immortal to an extent, until dying a heroic or just death. Her primary weapon of choice is a whip and is capable of taking out a person with ease.
Being short-tempered it is easy to make her blow up with quite the rage. Looses all motive to fight once somebody gets their arms around her, also not keen on the idea of hugs because of this, Loud noises are also a disadvantage for her and fears huge bodies of water(seas and oceans, and sometimes larger lakes).
Alternia, a planet quite like Earth that has plenty of life. Though most of the life is quite a bit more violent than anything usually is on earth. The Alternian sun is a bit more harsh than Earth's and easily blind any troll stupid enough to look at it.


Murins would spend her time on LOSAS sitting alone, watching the consorts of her land carve on stone tablets. She sat alone only days after turning eight, wondering where the salamanders had gone off too. Not that is really mattered, they weren't much help what-so-ever and just glubed about dead heroes. Most of the time she spends alone as well. Long ago she had gotten over the deaths of the distant trolls called “friends” had suffered, it didn't matter anymore. All that mattered was to get around to other lands and obtain food to live off of. LOSAS lacked in edible items, being made up of mostly stony crops of land.

She wanted deeply to leave her land, though she enjoy the silence and little social activities. The only times she was bothered was when her consorts asked questions. They revered her as a God since she had gained her Maid of Void title. At first the small calls to a different world weren't all to noticed. Dismissed as silly hopes for a different place, a place with more life. They grew over a span of a couple weeks, urging her to wanting to leave more and more. To explore a place not made of stone and shady attitudes of salamanders.

Murins sat alone, wondering where the salamanders had gone off too. Gazing over the stony grounds, her view point was just her sitting atop a boulder. It would allow her to get a good view anyways, most of the area was flat. Standing up slowly, the maid stepped down to flat ground. Walking towards the area where the salamanders would have the tendency to gather. The first to be spotted by the girl was alone, but still one she trusted. He was a simpler one and didn't exactly follow the stealthy attitudes the others had. She grabbed his attention easily, most of the consorts knew her to just sit on the boulder and do nothing for long periods of time. Void of thought. The salamander let out a glub, staring at Murins while she strolled up to him.

“James,” He would have never had a name, if not for her. “I'm leaving. I will trust you to inform everybody.”

“Where ya goin' Miss Murins?” James asked her, glubbing again. “Out ta the other lands?”

“No, James, I won't be coming back. I have a better place in mind for myself. Its been calling for too long now, and I need to go.” Murins grinned and pat the salamander on his head. “Tell everybody to not worry. I was never really any sort of God.”

James would only be able to let out a few more confused glubs, as the tall troll girl would disappear. Never to return to the area again. But where she ended up, she was not happy. Not happy, as it seemed to be day time and the sun was out. Yet, where ever she was, there were planets around. Which was just good and dandy in her book.

--Role-Player Information--

Age Range:
Contact Information:
Skype; Lil-Lillarn
Role-play Experience:
Close to a full three years now, but haven't gotten any practice in a while. Will need to brush up on skills some.
How Did You Find Us?:
A friend sent me here. .u.
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PostSubject: Re: Murins Boidae [Homestuck- Fantroll]   Murins Boidae [Homestuck- Fantroll] Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 2:23 pm


Do make sure to fill out your character profile sheet and you are all set. are our first troll. Here's a cookie.

I am Daybreak, chief of police, and when you hear my cyan voice, you better have been good.
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Murins Boidae [Homestuck- Fantroll]
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