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 Rule Breaking Information

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PostSubject: Rule Breaking Information   Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:37 pm

About Breaking the Rules

  • Please report any rule-breaking to either me or one of my admins (I will post their names here in the near future when I get them picked). All sent messages will be private and shown to no one else.

  • When notifying me or one of the admins of any rule-breaking, it is a must that you show us evidence of said rule-breaking. We need physical evidence that has not been tampered with in order to take action, or else there is little we can do without making the situation worse.

  • Failure to follow any of the rules of the forum can be reason enough for a member to have disciplinary action taken against them. Following are examples of ways in which action may be taken:

    First Offense for a Minor Infraction
    • Informal warning: member may have a PM sent to them by the staff, detailing the problem.
    • Editing of post: the post the member made may be edited by the staff.

    Second Offense for a Minor Infraction
    • Formal warning: member will have a second strike issued to them.
    • Editing of post: the post the member made may be edited by the staff.

    Third and Latter Offenses for a Minor Infraction
    • More formal warnings: member will have a third strike and will receive a three-day suspension.

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Rule Breaking Information
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