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 Heloise [Avatar/Firebender OC]

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Princess Heloise
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Princess Heloise

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PostSubject: Heloise [Avatar/Firebender OC]   Heloise [Avatar/Firebender OC] Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2012 7:51 pm

Name: Heloise or Princess Heloise
Age: 17
Species: Firebender princess
Appearance: Heloise has bright gold eyes with long dark brown hair that is straighter than a board. Her skin is lightly tanned, her muscles are finely toned but to a attractable level. She does not wear traditional princess clothing, but instead wears the Fire Nation's prince clothing, along with dark brown boots that curve upward. She hardly wears make-up, not seeing the need to unless there was a special occasion that called for it. Heloise has high cheek bones that look perfectly sculpted but they seem more rounded, like a Waterbender's.
Personality: She can sweet and caring but still has the fierceness that all Firebenders have. Heloise has a spicy sweet personality. She likes to eat spicy food, but she also likes sweet food. She almost has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Her temper though is bad. She keeps it down the best she can.
Background: One day, when Fire Lord Zuko found out that a special someone had a child. And not just a child, but his child. He went to retrieve the child. When he arrived at the familiar Southern Water Tribe he was told that she had not told the one that she was married to that the child was not the other's. Zuko was taking the child because it was potential Firebender.
He took his daughter back to the Fire Kingdom. He raised her into a fine princess, treating her the way his father would have never treated him. He had named her Heloise and raised her to be his successor. It wasn't long until she learned that her mother was not a Firebender like she was led to believe. It was after Avatar Aang died, had she learned who her mother was. By then, she was fifteen and trying to learn to bend electricity and she didn't care who her mother was.
Skills and Abilities: Heloise is able to harness the ability to bend fire in a near master bender way. She has learned to hide her emotions excellently.
Weaknesses: Though she has the basics to mastering electricity, she weakens or burns her arms badly. Also, her bad temper is a horrible weakness for her. When she is angry, though you cannot tell because her face can be totally expressionless, but when she is around fire it will explode into a larger flame, flaring way up into the heavens, depending on how angry she was.
World: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Other: Will later on in the future receive a scar down her face.
Group: Avatar: Firebender

Heloise was sitting in her room, taking breathing exercises. The three candles that sat in front of her where at low flames since she was at peace. A knock came to her door. “Princess Heloise, Lord Zuko wants you.” A handmaid said timidly. A rare few bothered her, in fear for the possiblity that she would turn out like her aunt, Princess Azula. Heloise took a small breath. “Tell him that I will be right there.” She said before closing her eyes and taking a breath in, then a slow breath out. The flames on the candles went out and she opened her golden eyes and stood up.

She crossed her arms across her chest and started towards were her father would be waiting. It was not long until she reached the main room and the guards opened the doors. She stepped through and walked up to Lord Zuko's throne.
Heloise bowed and then looked up at her father. “Yes Father?” She said in a respectful way. Zuko looked down at his daughter, a small quirk in his lips. He chuckled. Heloise kept back her surprise as she looked at her father. “I had a dream last night. A Avatar visited me. He said..... That there was a world where a young firebender could go and live. The Avatar also told me that they have chosen a princess to go to the new world. To live on, while this world continues. Daughter.... They have chosen you.” Father said and Heloise stiffened. Why? Why has the Avatars chosen her to go to this new world? ”B-But Father!! I am needed here!” She pleaded but he shook his head. “No. You are to go to and find the Avatar statue of the last Avatar. From there, they will guide you.” Zuko said and dismissed his child.
Heloise frowned, her temper flaring. The flames in the throne room flared but she whipped on her heel and stormed out of the room, going towards the Avatar Chamber. Better to obey and be mad, then to not and be punished. Throwing open the doors she stomped her way over to Avatar Aang's statue.

”Alright! I am here!! Take me to this new world before I burn your monument to the ground!”She threatened. The Avatar's eyes were blank but then after a heartbeat, turned a bright blue. All the Avatar's eyes lit up. Heloise took a step back, but only found herself stumbling into what seemed to be a new dimension.
When the princess woke up next she wasn't hurt, but she was lost and confused.

--Role-Player Information--
Nickname: Fire
Age Range: 12-17
Contact Information:
Role-play Experience: I am going to start to broaden my rp skills because I usually rp very very, horridly.
How Did You Find Us?: Found it on google
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PostSubject: Re: Heloise [Avatar/Firebender OC]   Heloise [Avatar/Firebender OC] Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2012 9:00 pm


And welcome to Chaotica. Please make sure to fill out your character profile sheet and you are all set.

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Heloise [Avatar/Firebender OC]
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