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 Daybreak Weapons, Armor, and Trinket Application

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PostSubject: Daybreak Weapons, Armor, and Trinket Application   Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:13 pm


Name: Blaster

Type: Gun

Appearance: Solid black and around twelve feet in length:

Description:With one near constantly fighting in a war, one would need something to defend oneself with. A blaster is standard equipment for the common soldier.

Specifics: 1 coin flip/1 die


Name: Cyber-blades

Type: Twin Swords

Appearance: Thirty five feet in length and made of pure cybertronium. A set of two. The blades are cyan while the hilts and adornment are black:

Description: A graduation gift from his adopted mother, Starlight, the swords are light and easily hidden in the grooves where his wings join at his back.

Specifics: 2 coin flips (1 for each sword) or 1 coin flip (if using only 1 sword)/2 dice (1 for each sword) or 1 die (if using only 1 sword)


Name: Cybertronium Armor

Type: Armor

Appearance: Armor that covers much of Daybreak's body. Blue, Black, and White in color.

Description: Cybertronium Armor makes up much of a Cybertronian from the day they are activated to the day they are deactivated.

Specifics: Takes at least 3 damage each turn.


Name: Medi-kit

Type: Health

Appearance: A large red and white box, about the size of a small bathtub.

Description: Recieved, and improved on since, upon graduation from the Academy. Daybrakl uses it to fix and/or revive himself or injured comrades.

Specifics: 1 coin/1 die. Die determines the regenerated health for one turn. The caster/recipient(if other than caster) cannot attack for that turn.

I am Daybreak, chief of police, and when you hear my cyan voice, you better have been good.
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Daybreak Weapons, Armor, and Trinket Application
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