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 Party Plans

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PostSubject: Party Plans   Party Plans Icon_minitimeFri Apr 27, 2012 4:13 pm

"~Oh, what a beeeaauuuutiful day!~" a merry voice rang out, echoing off the marble walls of the floating castle. Chaos spun across the polished floor, preforming elegant ballet moves in his socks (of which were black with little orange hearts). Carlisle, the first Crote born into existence, looked up from his dusting, shaking his head at the deity's antics.

"~Arrivals coming, oh glorious day!~" the chaotic, and often childish, god sang while he conjured up a mirror, in which he straightened his tie (one of his favorites: black with orange fluer-de-lis). Carlisle brought his master his shoes, the black leather gleaming and newly polished. Chaos beamed (as much as he could without a face) and clamped his hands down on the Crote's shoulders.

"Carlisle, my boy, I declare there should be a party. A nice little party for my new citizens to meet one another! There shall be food, music, party favors!" the god whirled around, the hapless Carlisle, still held tight by Chaos, spun with him, "What do you think, old man?"

The Crote, like all of his kind, didn't reply. But that didn't stop the ecstatic Chaos. The god began making plans, appointing Crotes (of which now were wearing orange party hats) to make the party a huge hit.

"The party will be here! I want an extravagant feast for my citizens! Fun games for afterwards, of course! And then....prizes!" the god yelled, overly excited by the thought.

Chaos made sure his outfit was all nice and spiffy before poofing down to his nice little planet. The god needed to make arrangements with his police chief.

I am Chaos and I speak in bold orange
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Party Plans
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