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 The Battle System

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PostSubject: The Battle System   The Battle System Icon_minitimeThu Apr 26, 2012 9:59 pm


There are three types of fighting threads. One is a simple sparring match, where the characters fight each other until one of their health bars reaches zero, but despite the damage sustained death is not a factor. This type of fight involves a winner and a loser. The second type is training threads, where two characters can either fight against each other to keep their skills in practice, or where one of the characters can teach the other a new skill or power. These types don't involve death either and typically don't involve winning or losing. The third type is almost exactly like the first type where two characters spar, but death is a factor. The survivor is the victor, in this case.

The reason behind these differentiations is because some players do not want to risk their characters dying. In fights, roleplayers typically want a guarantee that there is no permanent risk towards their characters in order to test their skills and pit them in battle against others to gain levels.

So how do you actually fight? Here's how!


You hear dice and get a bad case of the heebie-jeebies. That's okay; this is why this guide is here to help you. Know that the terms "dice" and "coins" in this case have nothing to do with powers just yet. In this section, we will be explaining the most basic of attacks, like the slap, the punch or the kick of an inexperienced fighter. This system is called the Dice System (or "Dice Rolls", according to the site) and here's how it works.

Lady Luck can be very fickle; the dice and coins even more so. Whatever the case, using the Dice System is a simple matter, the simplest of which being when and where to use them. Most players, using the Quick Reply box to post, miss the "preview" button which leads to the more advanced posting page and the location of the Dice Rolls.

Notice in the bottom right corner, there is a + symbol that lets you expand the Dice Rolls box if it is collapsed; this is usually the case for someone first using the Dice System. Afterwards, the option is usually already available and ready for use.

Now that you know where the Dice Rolls is, you'll notice there's one row with two boxes available; the first is a drop-down, and the second a numerical value. The number you put beside the drop-down box is the number of attacks you do, e.g. how many times you punched or shot someone. The drop-down selects what kind of attack it will be.

Coin Flip: This is used to determine whether your attack will HIT or MISS. You use coin flips at least 99% of the time in a fight, so remember this step!
Summoner's Die: This is for summons, something you don't need to worry about at the moment and will be further detailed later on. Essentially, this die rolls a number between 1 and 6 to determine which summon you call forth, if you have more than one summon at your disposal.
Stun/Duration: This is used to determine how long your opponent can be potentially stunned, or have additional damage done to them. The values available in the results are 1, 2 and 3, e.g. the maximum amount of turns your opponent can be stunned for is three.
Dodge Coin: This sounds exactly the way it is worded. Similar to the Coin Flip, the Dodge Coin determines whether you successfully dodge an opponent's attack or not. You typically use on Dodge Coin per attack; so if your opponent attacked you three times, you use three Dodge Coins to evade them. depending on your level, of course. The specifics will be detailed below.
Attack/Heal: These are the standard damage-dealing dice. Depending on your level, you select the appropriate die for your attack. For example, you are Level 13. To attack someone, you will have to use the die that says Attack/Heal (11-15). These dice can also be used for healing, hence the name, but that, along with all the rest, will be explained in Making Powers.

As you can see, the first row has the damage dice and a number in the second box beside it. By pressing the + symbol beside the number on the first row, you can make another row appear to select your coin flip. When using a simple attack, you must use both or else the attack will be invalid. The numbers must also be the same value.

NOTE: These rules apply only for simple, non-power attacks. When you use your powers, you add different valaues depending on the special effect of your power. This will be explained in greater detail below.


Here are a few important rules you must follow when attacking someone, be it a simple attack or a powered attack:
  • You can only do up to three attacks in one post (e.g., you shot and sliced someone multiple times, but the total can never exceed three). In boss fights, this number is sometimes bumped up when an admin, mod or plot coordinator says so, but during all other fights, training or otherwise, the maximum amount is always three.

  • When stunning or dodging, you can't attack. You can only stun the opponent or attempt to dodge their previous attack. And remember, "all in moderation". Don't dodge an attack and try to stun your opponent in your next post. Be reasonable and respectful when fighting an opponent.

  • You use the attack dice according to your level. If you’re between Level 6 and 10, you use the Attack/Heal (6-10) dice, etc. You always have to use the attack dice according to your level unless you have a power that can do otherwise temporarily, or you have previously agreed on otherwise with the other player (which is usually the case when two characters who have drastically different levels are fighting/training together). For example:

Quote :
John is Level 25 and Jane is Level 5. John would normally use the Attack/Heal (21-25) dice when attacking Jane, and Jane would use the Attack/Heal (1-5) dice when attacking John. However, to be fair, John and Jane both agreed on using each other's dice so they can cause the same amount of damage to each other according to their levels without altering each other’s HP.

NOTE: The above example is only one of many. What John and Jane could have also done is agreed on using the same amount of health and stamina (e.g. 100 HP and 15 AP) and use the same level attack dice (something in accordance with their HP). This usually happens in training threads or in friendly battles where you have agreed to not kill each other. In fights to the death, you usually follow the original process and ignore these niceties, especially if your character is a bastard like that.

AP costs-Basic

Not Doing Anything-0 AP
Basic Attack-(lv. 1-20) (lv. 21-40) (lv. 41-50)
(1 coin/1 die)-1 attack-(0 AP) (0 AP) (0 AP)
(2 coins/2 dice)-2 attacks-(1 AP) (2 AP) (3 AP)
(3 coins/3 dice)-3 attacks-(2 AP) (3 AP) (4 AP)

Basic(no bonuses)-(0 AP)
Standard(mild bonuses)-(1 AP)
Other-(approved weapon AP cost)

Level 1-(2 AP)
Level 10-(5 AP)
Level 20-(10 AP)
Level 30-(15 AP)
Level 40-(20 AP)
Level 50-(25 AP)

After AP drained to 0 for the first time
Not doing anything-(Regain 2 AP)
2 rounds of 1 basic attack-(Regain 1 AP)

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The Battle System
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