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 The Doctor [Doctor Who]

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The Doctor

The Doctor

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PostSubject: The Doctor [Doctor Who]   Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:21 pm


Name: The Doctor

Age: Oh, around 965 years or so. It is a little hard keeping track in the Vortex.

Species: Time Lord

Appearance: The Doctor has a tall, slim frame, dark brown hair, pale skin and dark brown eyes. He likes to wear a dark brown suit with blue pinstripes with a white shirt and a blue tie, usually accompanied by a light brown overcoat. His favorite footwear are Converse All Stars, cream for his brown suit.

Personality: The Doctor is cheerful, charismatic and enthusiastic, often at inappropriate times, even when in danger. He will frequently get into trouble because of his vast sense of superiority. When driven by anger or justice, he would act without hesitation to strike down those who oppose him. Beneath his youthful veneer and outward playfulness is a very old man who has seen many terrible things. He feels a deep loneliness. His keen sense of loss leads him to empathise with those who have also suffered.

Background: The Doctor has a long and difficult past, beginning on his birth on Gallifry, the home of the Time Lords. Born under the "the sign of crossed computers," the symbol of the maternity service, hince the title Doctor. Upon leaving his home in a stolen TARDIS, Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, and procures many 'companions' to travel through space and time with him. He has had many different faces throught history, beginning with the First Doctor and leading up to his current form, the Tenth Doctor. In this time, he has gone from a simple traveler to his name now known throught the universe. The Doctor has saved Earth, and the universe, countless times from creatures ranging from humaniod to, well, not so much.

Skills and Abilities: The Doctor is able to determine the properties of an object by taste. He also possesses a heightened sense of smell. The Doctor has the amazing ability to become liked by, well, almost everyone he meets and, ultimately, saves. He has amazing memory, sometimes, and excellent eyesight.
He has the amazing ability to regenerate when he is close to dying, but regeneration is stopped if he is killed before it is completed.

Weaknesses: He can be killed by many weapons and techniques, he is only flesh. Regeneration can be stopped by a simple shot. Due to his old age, he has many memories, and these memories haunt him to a point where he will doubt himself. He cares deeply about those he associates himself with and will do anything to save them, even if it means his own life.

World: Gallifry

Other: ((If I attempted to place the whole of the Doctor's history in this sheet, you would be here all night reading. I only placed what I felt was appropriate for the category and the Doctor I will be using, 10. If you feel I need to add anything, please let me know, and I will add.))

Group: Alien


The TARDIS hurtled through space, spinning like a top, heading who knew where, or when. The blue police box was a strange sight to see to all who did not know what it was, or who it belonged to. And those who did stayed as far away from it as they could.

Inside the blue box, a mysterious place that was quite bigger on the inside, there was a man. This man was currently sprinting around the center console, pulling knobs and twisting levers. Or was that the other way around? He looked up at a screen, and promptly banged his fist against it when it started to go all static-y.

The man frowned at the screen and scurried around the console again, muttering under his breath as he went around, "What is wrong with you, old girl? Where are you going?"

The TARDIS, like always, didn't answer. She hated the fact that she couldn't converse with her Doctor. It drove him mad, not having anyone but himself around. That is why she went off. To find somewhere her Doctor could find friends. Ever since that blonde girl disappeared, her Doctor had not been himself.

A bump sent the Doctor sprawling across the console and he groped around for something to grab ahold of. He looked wildly around as the TARDIS bucked under his feet. He tried to stand but was instantly sent to the floor. His head banged against the floor and spots danced in his eyes when he tried to stand once more.

The TARDIS gave a massive shake and the Doctor went down again, this time hitting his head rather painfully against the console. The TARDIS, worried about her Doctor, barely managed to escape the Time Vortex where she wanted.

The ever familier braking noise that always heralded the arrival of the TARDIS, and her Doctor, went unnoticed in the forest.


The Doctor, his head quite fuzzy, came around to the quiet interior of the parked TARDIS. He stumbled around to the door and opened the blue police box to the sound of chirping birds.

"How peculiar," the Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and gave his surroundings a quick scan, "Nothing seems out of the ordinary," he placed a hand on the blue wood of the TARDIS, "Why are we here, old girl?"

He didn't really expect an answer, but he had no one else to talk to. He locked the blue box before heading out. His sonic screwdriver had found a large population to the north-east, so, the Doctor concluded, that must be were he was needed.


The city the Timelord found himself was quite astonishing. The buildings were all shiny and new with the air of having no one living in them. There were no people, well...other than these strange looking creatures. Occasionally one would glance at him, probably wondering why he was turning around in circles in the middle of the street waving around a weird metal device with a green glowing bit.

"Well, hello there. I didn't know you were coming...strange..." a jovial voice behind the Doctor piped up. The Time Lord whirled to face the orange clad deity, "Welcome to your home away from home. Might I introduce you to Chaotica!
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PostSubject: Re: The Doctor [Doctor Who]   Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:34 pm


Good presentation. Finish filling out your Character profile and you are all set.
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The Doctor [Doctor Who]
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