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 Crotes [NPC]

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Name: Crotes

Age: Age Unknown

Gender: All Crotes are male

Species: Chaotican

Appearance: Crotes seem to be almost zombie-like in appearance. They shamble and don't really have a set language. A Crote's skin is normally a pasty white or a very dark brown, depending on if they are from the Southern Hemisphere or the Northern Hemisphere. Eye color ranges from a very light blue to a near black. Crotes have a set uniform of a pair of dark or light trousers, also depending on which Hemisphere they hale from.

Personality: Crotes are a patient lot, quiet, and very polite. Rarely will you meet an angry Crote.

Background: Created by the god, Chaos, Crotes now lead an existence serving those who arrive upon Chaotica.

Skills and Abilities: A Crote can do anything they set their minds to, which isn't very often. A Crote will dedicate itself to the needs of its assigned visitor.

Weaknesses: Crotes are beings of the flesh, and thus have weaknesses that would fell a normal being. A Crote does need to eat and drink, will need sleep and companionship. A Crote can die from any wound of the flesh, if left untended, or any disease that one could catch.

World: Chaotica

Group: NPC
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Crotes [NPC]
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