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 The Chatbox

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PostSubject: The Chatbox   The Chatbox Icon_minitimeThu Apr 12, 2012 5:11 pm

The Chatbox
The chatbox follows the free form post-for-post roleplaying format. It is situated at the bottom of the main page and is a good way to get started and meet new people. Out-of-character discussion is usually done in brackets, whereas all other conversation takes place regularly, with character actions usually explained in asterisks.

The Chatbox is neutral ground and everyone gathers here, be they friend or foe. If under attack, you may raise a shield to block them, though that doesn’t happen often, being neutral territory. But it's also like mixing oil and water together. You're bound to knock a few heads sooner or later with your character's demeanor. Also beware the sudden bursts of crack upon occasion. We all need an outlet, so these occurrences are not to be taken seriously. We've come to see that this can scare off a lot of potential members, so stay firm and brace yourself for the ride. It'll be worth it.

However, this doesn't mean that the chatbox is always cracky. Sometimes, serious discussions can take place there which are integral to overall development, be it character-wise or plot-wise. However, we remind you that Smudged Chaos is primarily a play-by-post forum, so particularly important matters should always happen in threads, or be referenced in them. It's always a good idea to save something important that's happened in the chatbox for later use.

The only real rules of the chatbox are that you refrain from posting mature content in them (there's a specific section on the site with special access for that) and images when a mod or admin isn't there to clear it to avoid scrolling and clutter. Besides that, we expect you to respect the other members and to avoid unnecessary drama, flaming or trolling. Any complaints can be addressed to any admins or mods.
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The Chatbox
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